Kraft Presse CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes


• Robust steel frame (ST44 A1) machined with high precision (up to 0,01 mm) and welded by professional certified welders.
• Chrome covered and honed cylinders and ground pistons with high quality seals
• STEP 10” 2D Touchscreen CNC Controller or Cybelec Cybtouch 12, 12” 2D Touchscreen CNC Controller
• Hoerbieger Hydraulics
• 510 mm Throat depth
• High Stroke and Daylight
• Quick release tool clamps with European and/or American type fitting
• Y1 – Y2 Synchronized hydraulic cylinders
• High-resolution linear scales for synchronized ram operation
• X servo backgauge running on ballscrews and linear guides
• Sliding Front Support Arms
• Side Guards and back photocells for safety
• Siemens electrical system
• High Safety Pilz PLC system
• Manual Crowning System


• Special stroke, daylight and throat
• R Axis with Servo Motor
• Laser guards for finger protection (AKAS, LaserSafe)
• Oil Heater, Oil Cooler
• Optional tooling
• CNC Crowning